John S. Compton

Earthspun Books

photo of cover to the book "Human Origins" by John Compton
image of the book cover of "The Rocks & Mountains of Cape Town" by John Compton photo of the cover of the new ebook edition of Geology in the Field by Robert R. Compton

I established Earthspun Books to publish beautiful books about our planet Earth that serve to enlighten, stimulate and inform their readers. My decision was driven by the desire to have more control over the content, presentation, format, marketing and pricing of popular earth science titles. Earthspun Books convey key, fundamental concepts about Earth and, in particular, the relationship between people and Earth - how Earth impacts upon us and how we are increasingly having impacts on Earth. There are currently two titles, and it is anticipated that the list will grow over the coming years.  Simply click on the book cover image to explore more about what they are about – table of contents and page excerpts. The books are available at reasonable prices in several different formats (print and digital).

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