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book cover to John Compton's Human Origins, how diet, climate and landscape shaped us. Published in 2016 by Earthspun books.


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Cover to John Compton's guide to The Rocks and Mountains of Cape Town. Published by Earthspun Books.

Human Origins

Format                                   Price       


Print book                            $19.95/R299


(soft cover, 16.8 x 24 cm, 384 pages)



Digital (eBook - illustrated - fixed layout):


PDF                                       $9.95/R150


Apple  iBook                        $9.95/R150


Amazon (Kindle)                 $9.95/R150   



Digital (eBook - text only - reflowable):


Apple iBook                          $4.95/R75


Amazon (Kindle)                   $4.95/R75



Rocks & Mountains

Format                                   Price


Print book                           $10/R150

(soft cover)


Digital (eBook) files:

PDF                                       $5/R75


Amazon (Kindle)                  $9.95


(see below to decide whether to order the PDF or Kindle version on the book)


Prices are quoted in both US dollars ($) and South African Rands (R) based on the approximate exchange rate (print book prices do not include shipping costs - see below).

Cover to the ebook version of Robert R. Compton's classic fieldguide Geology in the Field. Published by Earthspun Books.

Geology in the Field

Format                                       Price


PDF (eBook)                                $19.95


Amazon Kindle eBook               $19.95


Amazon Paperback Book          $34.95


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Advice on how to purchase the format you want


If you want a print book simply click on the 'Print book' option above and you will be directed to the secure Gumroad site where you can enter your postal address and payment details.  Human Origins is sent by airmail out of Cape Town with a shipping cost of $4 for all orders sent within South Africa and $11.95 for all areas outside of South Africa (plus, be aware that shipping overseas may take 6-8 weeks for delivery, so you may want to consider buying the PDF eBook).

The Rocks & Mountains of Cape Town is sent airmail out of Cape Town with a shipping cost of $3 for all orders sent within South Africa and $7 for all areas outside of South Africa.

Geology in the Field is  available as a PDF eBook or Amazon Kindle eBook. A paperback print version is also available. I originally tried the Kindle print-on-demand option, but in some cases there were printing errors (missing chapters) and it was discontinued. Because many prefer the paperback version, I have decided to try again with CreateSpace rather than Kindle in the hope that CreateSpace will be successful in printing error-free copies.  If you do order the paperback book from Amazon, then please be sure to check that the entire book printed  and return it if not. Please also be aware that both the ebook and paperback book have some formatting issues that could not be entirely resolved (some variable line spacings and fonts), but both include all the original content.

Human Origins and The Rocks & Mountains of Cape Town print books are also available for purchase from the Department of Geological Sciences at the University of Cape Town, as well as bookshops in South Africa (Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Clarke's Bookshop and the Book Lounge in the city centre, Kalk Bay Books, Bay Bookshop in Hout Bay, Protea Bookshops in Rondebosch and Stellenbosch, The West Coast Fossil Park at Langebaanweg, The Book Cottage in Hermanus, The Village Bookshop in Plettenberg Bay and Fogarty's Bookshop in Port Elizabeth).


Digital (ebook) versions

To buy the PDF version of the book click on 'PDF' above and this will direct you to the secure Gumroad site from which you can enter your email and payment details. Once you have paid, Gumroad will send you a link to download the PDF (this may take several minutes as they first place a stamp on the first page only that identifies you (your email address) as the purchaser (this is done to discourage uploading of the PDF to sites that allow free downloads). Because both books are richly illustrated, the PDF version reads best on a desktop computer or large tablet.  The PDF version can be read using Adobe acrobat reader which can be downloaded for free and should work on most computers.

In addition to the PDF, the illustrated version of the ebook is available through Apple iTunes as a fixed layout ibook, as well as through Amazon as a fixed-layout Kindle ebook. You need to have a Kindle 'Fire' device OR you can download free Amazon Kindle software that will allow you to read it on an android phone or tablet, ipod, ipad, Mac or PC computer. Note that the iBook through Apple is only available to you if you live in one of the 51 countries that currently sells iBooks (South Africa is not currently one of these countries).


Finally, a non-illustrated (text only), reflowable version of Human Origins is available through Apple as an iBook or through Amazon as a kindle eBook. You may want this option if you are reading on a small tablet or phone, and do not care if it is illustrated.


Please contact me if you have any questions or problems.



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